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Design your own Sign - Order Page

Thank you for considering a Wallah cedar sign. Every Wallah sign is a unique laminated sign that is hand crafted and comes with a three year warranty against delamination. We use only knot free, kiln dried, Grade A, western red cedar. Our sealants and paints are state of the art for a long lasting high quality appearance.

To make your decision and ordering easier, follow the steps below!

Sign Specifications:
  1. Select Shape

    Maple Ridge

    Misty Ridge




    Click here to view completed examples!

  2. Select Size

    Custom Size:

  3. Select the Main Border Color of the Sign - Note that the Makila's and Smith's signs have natural wood borders, Mission Hill is metallic gold, Mapleridge is reflex blue and the Sedun's sign has a dark green border.

    Click here to view completed examples!

  4. Select Bead Border if Desired - also select color of bead. Note: A bead border is a small inset border like the small yellow border on the Makila's sign on the examples.

    No Yes

    If Yes, Select color of bead:

  5. Select Graphic(s):

    Graphic 1: Graphic 2: Graphic 3:

    Lake Sunset



    Mountain Sunset


    Wheat Stems>


    Spruce Trees

    Hill Sunset


    Prairie Sunset


    Do you have your own graphic? Call us at 403-343-1672 or attach it to an email: info@wallahsigns.com

  6. Select the Font Styles for Text - (Type Style) wanted on the sign and colors for each Font. Note that each line can have a different font and color. Keep in mind that lighter colors (white, light blue, yellow) show up better on the brown cedar background.

    Text Line 1:
    Text Line 2:
    Text Line 3:

    Text Line #1:

    Text Line #2:

    Text Line #3:

    Text Color #1:

    Text Color #2:

    Text Color #3:

  7. Additional Comments:

  8. Personal Information:

    Please input ALL personal information in order for your request to be processed in a timely manner!

    Contact Number
    Email Address:
    Fax Number:
    Mailing Address:
    Shipping Address:
    Preferred Method of Shipping:

  9. Deposit - We will require a minimum of a 50% deposit to begin work on your sign. You can e-mail/fax/mail or telephone your credit card number to place a deposit. Final payment will be required upon delivery of the sign.

  10. Proof Review - Once we have received your information from the Order Form page we will compile the information into a proof, which we will either e-mail or fax back to you for your review/changes/approval.
Sign Pricing - Canadian Dollars:
Nominal Size Single Sided Sign Price
One Standard Graphic
Double Sided Sign Price
One Standard Graphic
12" x 24" $270.00 $405.00
15" x 30" $405.00 $607.50
18" x 36" $562.50 $843.75
  • Visa, Master Card and American Express accepted.
  • Add a second standard graphic - ADD $80.00 for Single Sided, $140.00 for Double Sided.
  • Replace Standard Graphic with customer supplied graphic ADD a minimum of $125.00 for graphic development.
  • Signs 24"x36" and larger have a Base price of $110.00/sf (includes one standard graphic).
  • Shipping Charges/Taxes/Duty are additional.

4948 - 54th Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4N 5K8
Phone: (403)343-1672 Fax: (403)346-6261, Toll Free: 1-800-909-9927
Email: info@wallahsigns.com
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