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Hazard Marker Golf Course Hazard Markers FG Series 400
MTBF* 2,279 mow-overs
Height Above Grade 17.5", 24", and 36"
Anchor in-ground
Weights 3.5oz, 4.5oz, and 5.5oz.
Colors R, Y, W, Environmental Green, European Blue, and Transitional Red-Yellow
*Mean time before failure. Results may vary depending upon type of installation and geographic location.

The Floating Flexstake FG is the ultimate in mow-over golf course marking stakes. A course with 300 FlexStake installed may expect a breakage rate of not over one for every 2,200 stakes mowed over.

Sealed stake floats if thrown in water hazard. Post is sold as an assembly with AN500 anchor (see below). Dirt and water are sealed out of anchor by two wiper rings on hinge. Suitable for all course markings. Can be mowed over by reel-type or rotary mowers (need special instructions for rotary mowers). Above ground post is rugged, two chamber, color-impregnated, UV stabilized, polycarbonate extrusion, warranted against color fade for 5 years.

Flex Anchor AN500 Flex Anchor AN500
MTBF n/a
Depth Below 17.25"
Face Width 5.5"
Weights 2 oz
Colors R, Y, G
Usually sold with FG400 Hazard Markers, FlexAnchor is sold seperately for use with FlexFence, FlexGlo, or SlimLine posts and signs. Also used as location points for temporary installations. Aligning groove automatically locks post in place. If post is not always installed, an optional plug is available to keep water and dirt out of the anchor. Anchor is molded from special UV stabilized copolymer that is uneffected by adverse soil or weather conditions.

Omni Elite Omni Elite
MTBF n/a
Height Above Grade 6" to 36"
Anchor Rustproof Aluminum Spike
Weights 3.5 - 7oz
Colors R, Y, W, G, Bu, W
Elite is designed for clubs that demand the highest quality course markers, but prefer non-hinged. Elite is an all-polycarbonate weather resistant post, warranted against color fade for 10 years. It is virtually indestructible in normal use. Anchor is rustproof aluminum spike. Post is made up of pop-and-go sections - in any color or length - customer assembled with connectors. The special color-coding required by many courses is easily assembled. Elite can be configured in any section length or color combination, up to a total height of three feet. Elite's all-polycarbonate, weather resistant post is warranted against color fade for 10 years and it is virtually indestructible in normal use.

FlexGlo FlexGlo
MTBF* 100 hits at 35 mph
Above Grade Ancho 8" in-ground
Weights 4.5 - 6.5oz
Colors W, R, Y, G, Bu,
Sheeting Reflective
*Mean time before failure. Results may vary depending upon type of installation and geographic location.

FlexGlo is a highly visible, durable, cost effective driveway marker or traffic control device that is simple to install and remove. FlexGlo appears to make a fixed barrier, but can be run over by road vehicles without damage to post or vehicle. Also used as a traffic barricade for the general public while allowing passage for official vehicles. If set to define sporting event courses, the stake can flex away from contestants reducing the chance of personal injury.

FlexGlo may be installed in an AN500 anchor or be driven directly into a pre-drilled hole in dirt. To see optional AN500 anchor, click here. Like all of our small series hinged posts, FlexGlo can be mowed over by a standard reel mower.
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